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ADHD diagnosis, counseling and management

ADHD pediatrics

ADHD has a good side...

  • Many entrepreneurs and professional athletes have ADHD.
  • Those with ADHD can be laser-focused on something that truly interests them.
  • Many famous explorers and adventurers were ADHD children.

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...and a bad side

  • Making good grades will get more difficult
  • Dealing with authority figures can continue to be a problem
  • Substance use rates are higher for those with untreated ADHD
  • Intimate, personal relationships are difficult and suffer
  • Working for others or on a team will be a problem

Your ADHD children have to live in the 21st century

Let's help your children control their focus and behavior. We have the tools today to make their life easier and better.

Today's medications can make a difference in your child's life. As a parent, I can appreciate the concern you may have with your child taking a drug that will affect their focus and behavior. There are multiple treatment approaches to ADHD that may or may not include medication.

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